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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

June 4, 2021

Channeling with Samuel – Guided Wisdom

Let them know that we are a team of information that comes from a good place of equal thoughts and opportunities to learn more about oneself. This is not the be all end all of information, this is a journey to self-discovery. This shall be a stepping stone of information that guides you to your next journey, destination, and experience. The ultimate destination of freedom of worry, pain, regret. The ultimate information that takes you on a path of owning your destiny. This is not a light journey, this takes patience and humility to look within to seek change for a better outcome of what you desire out of life. This journey I speak of, you alone will know what is right, what feels right, intuitively, that gut hunch or sensation of tingles up and down the spine., the x marks the spot, the aha moment, this is ultimately what you are looking for and will find. Don’t set obstacles in your way that take advantage of your personal growth.

This too will come as a surprise that we need to let go of the things that no longer serve us to make way for things that will raise us up to our best potential our connection to our higher self, all knowing, and the place that feels free. This is the ultimate goal. To be able to connect to that freedom of thought and experience is what is sought after for so many of you but your missing one piece of the puzzle. Elimination of fear. Fear only helps us for some time and will need to be let go at that moment of the journey where you are ready to take off with your potential for success. It’s like the training wheels on a bike, you only have them on until you found your balance. This can be applied to life. Let fear guide you into a safe nurturing feeling until your path feels stable then you are ready to cast fear to the side. If you don’t it will hold you back from all life’s experiences and growth.

This journey you speak of is worth the sacrifice of one’s own goals that one had at the beginning of the journey. You will evolve and cast ideas and thoughts aside that no longer serve your purpose of growth. They served you at that point in time for a reason, like a stepping stone. Cast that stone aside and lead your path with strength and conviction for what is on the other side is glorious, it’s freedom. Doesn’t that make you want to take a deep breath and sigh of relief? The weight should be lifted off your shoulders and the horizon one step closer. The destination or end goal is not scary or hard, you make it what you want, the challenges that lie ahead can be avoided depending on the experiences you want. Why make it more difficult for yourself that it should be or could be. Why must you self-sabotage your own journey? Why let others opinions and fears guide you, why not listen to your inner voice, your intuition, your all-knowing and see how easy the journey becomes. The ease of information that comes forward the ease of the people that come into your life at the right moment in time, the teachers that arrive in your life to serve you on your journey ,take advantage of the information that is coming forth. It is presented to you at the moment in time for a reason. Don’t turn a blind eye to it. Take it and jump. Be excited for your journey, your goal, your happiness, your freedom.

This is how it shall be. Own it, it is yours to have. Don’t let go of your strength for anyone. Be your own boss, your own positive promoter of happiness. It will spread like wide fire, just you watch.

This is the journey of life when the road is paved with ease because it is your rightful journey. So be it.

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