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A new path of life...

June 7, 2021

Channeling with Samuel

Today I begin with a message to dear souls that are not able to function the way they used to with spiritual enlightenment. They feel lost and unaware of what their path may look like at this point. They find solitude in different things than they would have in the past. This does not serve them at the least. They need to listen to the voice within that will save them from the decisions that could be detrimental to their health.

This will accompany many lessons for them but they need not fear the experience because it brings them closer to who they are deep within it will make them strong as a person, as a spiritual being, as a soul with a purpose on this earth.

They need not lose focus or feel guilty for what they have done or thought of or have become in this short while. Life is a journey that we must learn from and experience things that make us uncomfortable.

Life is not worth living without experiences that challenges us to be better people, beings, and spirits. It is refreshing to think that we outgrow the old us and shed the skin of the old to be anew. A new being, a new person, a new soul.

This pathway that can be quite enlightening does not come without challenges and needs strength to accompany the dark days ahead, but will make you stronger as a whole and more focused for what burns within. The ultimate life hack, what great joy in your everyday life. This is what you should be seeking, that essence of peace in your soul, happiness that you are living a life for what you are supposed to be doing. Your life’s purpose.

It shines through the darkness and the light will make it so much sweeter. This should not feel like a burden but a glorious journey through ups and down with the ultimate goal. The truth within will shine and you will attract many people who think the same way and who want the same things. A community of united people, souls, spirits who find truth in themselves and not hide from the darkness.

The community you seek is out there, they are gathering strength in numbers and provide solitude, strength, will power, support and gratitude to new beginnings.

Destiny is not by chance, it is a journey of existence of perpetual thoughts of love for what takes place with ease of life and existence.

The end does not need to be feared, but to be celebrated because the journey is the key. We are all meant to go on to other lives as we move on from this world, but to cherish the journey in your present life is key.

This needs to be remembered and not feared. Why must fear take over us and hold us back from living. This is not life. This is not our true purpose. Not for a second should you think that you are not worthy to enjoy life to its fullest. Cherish who you are deep to the core and spread the love to all. These words may not come easy to hear for some but needed to be shared. Take them for what they are worth, just words, but words of inspiration. Go on your journeys and take flight, enjoy every day that you are here doing what you love and being surrounded by a community of like-minded people who will support you.


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