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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

June 5, 2021

Channeling with Medicine Man

There is much healing for the earth today, the souls that have been forgotten, the blood shed on our sacred earth. This disgrace of man the so called savages are no longer banished. We will rise again, our strength has grown in numbers and is not only within our souls but amount us in the other people that live around us. We are creatures of this earth. The very essence of Mother Nature. We live by her with her and for her. We live off her medicine where it is needed. We spare nothing in order to embrace her love and teachings of this great earth. We shall claim it back as our own but not in an ownership way but in a blessed sacred promise of protection. This is the way it was for many years before me, my ancestors lived the way of the land for years, blessed the crops, the sun, the trees and the moon. This is the way it was for so many years but has been lost among us and among our people, the newer generations. It is not their fault, it is what society has made us. There are very few of us that live pure and indigenous at heart, of body, soul and mind. We are of the earth, we need to share our respect for her and what she gives us. We shall teach the others who has travelled here from afar, to respect the nature the essence of her beauty. We must be patient for their ignorance is not their doing, it has been passed on from their great ancestors and we must break that chain of disrespect and dissolution.

I shall teach you the way of my people. You will feel closer to your own roots that you have not discovered yet. There are many family trees to look into, not just your own. You feel a pull to us and our story.

We are here to help each other, to embrace the old and the new. The healing journey within starts with healing of others as well as your soul. We are all one, our energy, our essence, our minds, we feed off each other. This is not new, but for some reason is forgotten. We need to shed light on this. This is the way of our ancestors. One with the earth, with our souls, with our journeys within. We listen to the hearts of many and don’t take our lives and family heritage for granted. We all have stories that we need to share, it heals one another. Some stories are more sad than others but there is a reason for others journeys as much as the ones that are freeing and light.

Why must we weep so effortlessly for others, our big hearts shall be deep like the oceans with acceptance and forgiveness? We shed light on the less fortunate that have not been able to connect with this very essence of their souls. It is been hidden from light for too long. Let us help them sore to become who they truly are, not what their ancestors were. We are not different if we turn a blind eye or turn our backs on them now. We must open our hearts and shed light on all humanity. We are no different if we do not.

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