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A New Day

June 6, 2021

Channeling with Samuel

Today I begin a new day of information, new with surprises and intellect, manifestations, being one with who you are, sole purpose, renewal, a surge of energy will be brought to you for reference of how to emerge as your true self. The being of who you are, what you are destined to be will emerge this month and the next. You will see a new horizon of messages and information. This shall be a new force of energy, a vibration, a new earth feeling of rejuvenation. A breath of fresh air, filling your lungs with new life and possibilities, inspiration for your new life. Free your mind and settle into a place of worship whatever that may mean to you, no attachments to that word if it makes you uncomfortable. A place for new beginnings, a safe place to think and process information that comes to you in many forms. A safe place of nurture, of information that benefits you and brings you closer to the possibility of what you’re about to do with your life. There are endless possibilities and do not doubt for I can feel your hesitation, the negative words that sweep in and out. Do not doubt your gifts and the ability to manifest whatever it is that you desire.

This is a gift we all possess but have not tapped into its potential. Do not hesitate to ask for what you want and deserve as a human race. This is the goal of life, to live in harmony with oneself. This is a gift to live out your desires, your dreams and allow yourself to receive it. Do not block something from coming in because of old beliefs or things that have been instilled in you since birth or perhaps prior to birth. This is a new way of thinking for a lot of you, but you need to trust in this ability it will become easier as life goes on to tap into this wisdom. It will become the so called norm. Why must we call it the norm, have you ever sat with the term that you use so much and with ease? It is not the norm, it is what is essential, what is life. This shall pass, the labeling of things that others may not think is achievable. We put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve something, just be. Just live, just be present and ask for what brings joy to your heart.

This month is a new opportunity to rejuvenate yourself, to enlighten your mind. Not be bogged down with what Suzy thinks you should do or say or think or desire. Do not hold back on your expectations of your life.

Go forth and be strong in what you want, it is achievable just believe in yourself like you believe in others. Shine a light back on yourself and allow the greatness to come through. This is the way, this is how it is, and we need to see this as being attainable and not out of reach.

Goodbye for now my soul brothers and sisters I take great pleasure in speaking with you all and hope in some way, my wisdom carries you into another realm of inspiration to live your life to the fullest. Namaste.

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